Manhattan Business Law Attorney

Whether forming a business or facing a litigious dispute, these processes can be quite daunting, even for experienced business owners. Mishandling any area of a business can have a rippling effect and lead to greater consequences. Hiring a business law attorney to address any areas of contention or to help form the business will help avoid risks and liabilities. 

The Manhattan business law attorney at Leo Fraser Law can address your business needs and provide advice on what is best for your company. Leo Fraser Law will provide trusted legal advice and guidance to businesses in Manhattan and the surrounding areas and represent a variety of businesses from large corporations, closely held businesses, and individual entrepreneurs to employees. 

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What is a Business Law Attorney? 

When it comes to business needs, whether that’s formation, a merger, or dissolution, a business law attorney plays an important role throughout every process. There are certain ways to register and operate a company that may work for one entity but not another, and a business law attorney can give advice on what is best. 

A business law attorney will be able to guide a business through establishment of the business, settling disputes, transfer or sale of the businesses, and applying and interpreting corporate laws as they pertain to the business. There may be complex areas that need more attention, like whether to register securities and preparing the necessary paperwork to properly register. Further, if the company does not need to register, then what exemptions apply. Generally, a smaller business will not require a securities registration.

Additionally, having a business law attorney is like having an extra consultant to run any day-to-operations through, like management changes, employee vs. contractor status, drafting employment contracts, and any compliance issues that a business may face. If it’s related to the business and fine operating, a business law attorney can help. 

What is Business Law? 

Business law is the body of rules that govern business transactions between individuals, whether through convention, agreement, or legislation. Business law is a branch of the law concerned with protecting a business’s rights, upholding orders, resolving disputes, and establishing standards for businesses and their interactions with various agencies and individuals. Every state, like New York, has its own set of rules and regulations for businesses.

Business law is divided into two main categories: (1) the regulation of commercial entities through the laws of company, partnership, agency, and bankruptcy, and (2) the regulation of commercial transactions through the laws of contract and related fields. Both categories apply to every business, regardless of size.

There are various types of registered businesses, starting with a sole proprietor, who is solely responsible for the risk and responsibility of running a business and also is the only profiter. Then there are registered companies, who, unlike the sole proprietor, must register and adhere to specific laws and bear limited liability.

Examples of What a Business Law Attorney Can Do for You

A business law attorney can help with many aspects of the business. A few areas where a business law attorney is always needed include: 

  • Business entity formation and conversation: A business formation attorney in New York can help guide the formation of the business and provide advice on how the business should be registered (LLP, LLC, S.C., etc.). A skilled business attorney will always recommend what is best for the future of your business. 
  • Draft and Review Contracts: After forming a business, many contracts need to be drafted. In some instances, a contract may already exist, but it may not meet the company’s needs. A business law attorney will review these and provide edits. It is important to identify all areas of potential risk when drafting a contract, and an experienced business law attorney will know those areas and how to address them. 
  • Purchase or Sale of a Business: Whether a company may be trying to expand or dissolve part of a business, a business attorney can help navigate through the transactions while always protecting the interest of their client, your business. 
  • General Business Legalities: Sometimes urgent legal problems arise when running a business. A business law attorney can work like an outside counsel and provide advice on any problems that may arise and how to resolve them. 

There are many other aspects of a business that a business law attorney can help with, like the employee manual, internal investigations, audits, mergers, and more. Any problems or disputes that arise should always go to an experienced business law attorney because the mishandling of a dispute, could jeopardize your company’s future. 

Hiring a Business Law Attorney 

If you are ready to form or dissolve a business or are somewhere in between, the attorney at Leo Fraser Law is here to help you. Leo Fraser has the experience and understanding to advise on all legal aspects of your business. 

Hire us to handle your legal operations, allowing you to focus all your energy on the daily operations of a successful business.