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When a third party’s negligence causes substantial injuries to people or businesses, they are entitled to reasonable recompense. Yet, insurance firms frequently employ their strength and stronger negotiating position to reduce the amount of claims payouts for policyholders who sustained damages.

After experiencing a variety of losses, Leo Fraser, Attorney at Law, is your go-to New York insurance attorney, helping you properly recover from your loss. Leo Fraser is experienced at assisting you in obtaining the highest compensation possible, given your particular set of circumstances. Leo Fraser, Attorney at Law, will put his clients’ needs first in order to resolve their insurance claims or issues successfully.

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What is an Insurance Lawyer? 

Insurance lawyers will always uphold the rights of their clients throughout the process of an insurance claim. Insurance adjusters are known to lowball claims and try to settle for less than what someone is owed, and insurance lawyers step in to ensure their clients are getting what they deserve. Hiring an insurance lawyer is crucial for anyone navigating the claims process because there are many shady insurance adjusters and claimants.

Furthermore, insurance attorneys manage many facets of an insurance claim. An insurance attorney will make sure that their clients do not pay more or receive less than what they are entitled to from the moment of the accident through negotiations.

A skilled insurance lawyer can help develop a plan that satisfies your claim objectives. If you choose to work with an insurance attorney, it might be comforting to know someone is on your side. When you require legal counsel regarding an insurance claim, an insurance lawyer is vital. You can receive a subpar offer from insurance firms when left unrepresented.

What Does an Insurance Lawyer Do? 

Insurance lawyers can work on behalf of insurance companies or individuals. Both types of representation require a unique approach as the cases can be vastly different. However, the strategy and end goal is generally the same.

An insurance lawyer collects and reviews the facts of the case and will identify at-fault parties and hold them accountable. Additionally, they will determine the fair value of an insurance claim by researching specific federal, state, and local laws and past claims. 

Furthermore, insurance lawyers will handle negotiations with the opposing party or insurance adjusters and any communications on behalf of the client. They will also represent their clients’ case in civil court if necessary and provide ongoing legal advice throughout the entire case or claim.

New York Business Insurance Laws 

Small businesses require property and liability insurance to safeguard their assets and replace property lost to loss or theft. Moreover, the insurance coverage will cover lost wages, responsibility for careless behavior, and workers’ compensation as well as motor insurance.

You run the danger of losing your business if your insurance is insufficient. Both big and small businesses need to safeguard themselves against financial loss. The insurance that covers property loss exposures, such as the costs to repair or replace the property in the case of a covered loss, is a crucial component of this protection.

New York state law requires that all business owners with employees hold workers’ compensation insurance and auto insurance if the business owns company cars. While not required under New York law, many commercial leases require a business to hold general liability insurance, which covers any third-party risks. 

Filing an Insurance Claim

While making an insurance claim, there are many crucial measures to follow. Make all necessary preparations to stop additional harm or damage from happening. You could consult an insurance attorney to help you submit a claim before an issue or more serious damage occurs. That might not be required, though, until you think the offer you got is too low.

Check your policy’s terms and conditions to see if you are covered. Do not say anything that could be used against you. Save all your claim documentation in a file folder, including any proof of your losses. To file your claim by the dates specified by your insurance policy and state legislation, get in touch with the insurance provider.

Get a determination from the insurance provider. If your claim is rejected, make copies of the rejection and take careful notes. If you feel that a denial is unfair after receiving it, talk to an insurance attorney.

Consumer protection regulations are implemented in every state during the claim’s procedure. Insurance companies must clearly abide by the rules since they have an advantage. If the insurance company does not properly adhere to state laws, then it will likely face a civil claim headed by an insurance lawyer. 

Handling an Insurance Dispute 

An insurer may contest a claim for a variety of reasons, including inadequate documentation following a loss, suspicious behavior at the time of the loss, drug or alcohol use during the incident that preceded the accident or damage, the insured party’s refusal to cooperate with the insurer, and believing both parties were equally at fault, and much more.

Before paying the entire amount of compensation required, insurance companies frequently request more information.

Although insurers are required by law to handle claims in good faith, this does not obligate them to pay claims out of the blue. Insurance firms would need more proof or more time to investigate your claim before acting on it, given their superior understanding of insurance rules, expertise with various types of losses, and access to expert witnesses who can dispute your account of events.

Leo Fraser, Attorney at Law, New York Insurance Lawyer 

If you think that the insurance company underpaid you or otherwise committed an illegal act, you should hire an attorney to represent you in your insurance claim. Certain laws must be followed by insurers.

Asking a lawyer directly is the most practical approach to finding out if you need legal counsel for your claim or dispute. An insurance attorney will let you know whether they believe they can benefit your case.

Leo Fraser, Attorney at Law, is here to answer any questions pertaining to filing a claim, an ongoing claim, or disputing a claim decision. Contact Leo Fraser Leo Fraser, Attorney at Law, to discuss your insurance needs.